The Binary Pulse Methodology

Business Discovery

It all starts with your business, it's resources and ambition. Our professional approach focuses on where you aspire to be and the resources you have--especially the knowledge hidden in your data that you may not even be aware of.

+ Brainstorming

Once we've uncovered all the resources of your company, it's position in the marketplace and it's aspirations, it's time to roll up the sleeves and uncover the technologies, partnerships and employee training needed to fulfill a custom technology strategy for your business.

= Innovation

This process presents your company with a transformative, competitive advantage through business execution, leveraging technology. No longer in a defensive position, you are now playing offense with IT!

Strategy + Execution = our competitive advantage

Binary Pulse's Value Proposition

  • Analysis of your business strategy including market position, operations, financial strength, competition, as well as existing technology infrastructure and acumen.
  • Providing measurement of technologies' performance in fulfilling these business elements.
  • Creating a new technology strategy, which aligns company resources and maximizes market share and returns on technology investments.
  • Assisting with proper vendor selection and integration success.
  • Ongoing support to accomplish your business goals through your technology investments.

Technology: the alignment tool of forward-thinking companies

  • icon_09Marketing Technology via mobile apps, websites, SEO, social media and Big Data is the new medium for identifying and exposing your value proposition to the world.
  • icon_06Knowledge CreationCreating intellectual property through experience, data insights, and hard work are made efficient and secure through technology.
  • icon_03Asset ManagementProduct procurement, tagging, maintenance, disposal and cost allocation of technology effects the bottom line.

  • icon_04Risk Mitigation / Legal Another day, another security breach. Proper technology strategy allows planning for risks and mitigating their impact.
  • icon_05Vendor ManagementSo many providers, so little time. Which do I call? What is a proper price? Supply chain is critical with technology the link between.
  • icon_02OperationsThe original use of technology, maximizing operational workflows to accomplish more with less.

  • icon_07Finance Most focus too much on "What does a technology cost?". A better question is "How much return on investment can we have through technology?"
  • icon_08Organizational StructureWith matrix organizations dominating the market, technology is the glue in cross division discussion and task coordination.
  • icon_01Human ResourcesRecord keeping and servicing employee needs is one of the largest tasks companies are faced with. Technology automates.


Meet Our Team

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